July 2, 2008

Dr. Appt (36 weeks)

Ok, so going into this one I thought this will just be another time where they check Grace and I's vitals and I ask any questions and I go home. NOPE!!! :) :) :)

I get in there and the nurse says did she say anything about a strep test and she hadn't so I told her I didn't know what that was. Well she was saying that because you strip down for it....

So she comes into to do that and then says I forgot to mention that I need to check your cervix. She didn't warn me because my last appointment was a few days of from being the particular week that they tell people it is the next time. So, she checked my cervix and gets this huge smile on her face and says, "Wow Amy your like 50 maybe 75% affaced and I would say oh awesome 3 cm dialated!" I of course am like OH MY GOODNESS!!! Is this real? I mean I know I'm pregnant but it just hit me that this child is going to come out of me!

She looks over at Matt and says, " getting a little pale on us" and he is beside himself excited and as shocked as I am. She tried to make sure Grace was head down and she couldn't tell 100% so she wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure. She then feels around on my belly and decides that she is somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-7lbs!!!

So we go into the ultrasound and Grace is so preciously placed head down and look up at us. She then blinks! Like hi mom I'm on my way out!!!! We had her look to make sure she is a girl and that was definately confirmed so that is good to know.

I am so in shock knowing that it could happen within a week or so or at least within the 4 weeks that we have left. She said that because I was so efaced already it most likely I'll go early just don't know how early. OH MY GOODNESS I"M GOING TO BE A MOM BEFORE I KNOW IT!!!!

I know that I could totally go in four weeks still, but it feels like that four weeks is so much shorter or gone it is so weird AND she has to come out of me!!!!!!

So, needless to say I will be getting my bag ready in the next day or two and walking a lot. I don't really feel much other than a few contractions at night. (She confirmed today that that is what they are... I was just saying they were cramps and after my description they are definately contractions.) We called our parents and let them know it could be happening a little sooner than expected and just pray for our anxiousness and nerves no matter what happens.

I was looking forward to a fun camping trip next weekend, but we called our friends today and told them we won't be able to go at this point.

Please pray for us and the delivery at whatever point God says she's ready to come out....


  1. Amy...this is SOOOO exciting! It actually brought tears to my eyes when you said "hi mom, I'm on my way out." You're gonna be a mom and you're going to be so good at it!

    It was so much fun seeing you last weekend. I just love spending time with you girls, I just wish it would have been longer. We are still talking about when we can come out to visit and meet Grace. Can we stay in the brown and turquois room?

    Make sure you contact us when you go to the hospital. I understand you may be a "little" bit busy in labor, but we all want updates and we want to know all the details after she is born...height, weight, hair, pictures, etc.

    I love you!!!

  2. Yahoo! Congrats Amy! You and Matt are in my prayers.

  3. Hope you are well. Praise God for Grace's safe delivery. Maegan arrived by c-section because of the cord being around her neck, and she was breech.
    Grace is so fortunate to be in your family :)