April 11, 2008

We're pregnant! (1-4 months)

I finally took a test the morning that Matt was coming home from his last trip in November that said we were pregnant!! I told him to meet me at Chili's for a late dinner. He thought something was up when I didn't hesitate to order a lemonade instead of a margarita(I get them there because their so cheap). He of course asked if I had started my cycle because we had talked over the weekend about me being late. I avoided the question and began to look at the menu. I told him I did bring something with me and put the pregnancy test (with the cap on it) on his menu. His face was awesome. He teared up as I did and kissed me immediately. It was a huge relief to know that we were on our way once more. We of course got dessert to celebrate!! God had timed it just perfect because now Matt would be home all the time and would be able to enjoy the pregnancy with me.

We kept the secret from our families til Christmas!! We told our small group and church people and thought it would be a nice surprise and gift for the family. We sent out separate Christmas letters successfully. This was stressful when I went to visit my gpa and he said, "you're pregnant aren't you." He was only bluffing me but made me panic because I hadn't had the gift exchange with my parents and Matt's parents' letters were already in the mail.

Everyone was of course thrilled. We had an ultra sound done a little early because of the prior miscarriage so we had a photo to frame as a gift. With this one being the first grandchild on my side, both my parents ended up in tears within seconds. On Matt's side this will be the fourth so the debate was on whether it would be another boy! Both sides were so happy for us and helping us get through the critical first trimester.

I did go on prometrium(a progesterone supplement) to help with my lower level that they were a little worried about. This made me sick for a few weeks, but I never pucked!!! I really didn't start showing til about 16 weeks! I was convinced I was much bigger but of course that's because I couldn't wait to get into maternity clothes and have people notice that I was expecting and not have to always tell them....for some reason I fell into the trap of wearing them way too early like we all do and now wish I would have enjoyed regular clothes a lot longer!

My due date is July 30th.

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